The systemic solution-oriented therapy approach

As a special form of therapy, solution-oriented brief therapy is now regarded as one of the most effective forms of therapy in its application, with rapid success in the shortest possible time. It is no longer the individual person as the “problem bearer” that is the focus but rather the overall context in which a person lives and in which a person is confronted with a multitude of different psychosocial conditions and interaction or communication patterns.

From the outset, the solution to the problem and the resources and strengths of the client is placed at the center. This method of therapy is therefore much more closely related to the possibilities of those affected and is always focused on the whole human being and not exclusively on the “sick” part perceived as differently.

“Sustainability” is one of the most important criteria. Embedded in a friendly and equal relationship between client and therapist, it is about creating a normality to which the affected ones are also able to realize these and thereby accelerate the “healing”. Integration instead of isolation.

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