Life crises

Life crises are part of life and are signs of development, new and learning, expansion. We all change and evolve for a lifetime, constantly facing problems and challenges that require new solutions.

Be it the health crisis, the crisis in partnership, the job, the finances or just the general ‘crisis of the crisis’ about life and its own position in it. Everyone knows them, and each one of us has already overtaken them.

Often, the situation seems to grow over our heads, to surmount the inner feeling of confusion, we feel blocked. Dramatic changes in life make us afraid, the inner balance is lost, we get into a mental crisis. It plunges us into a wild carousel of the most diverse, mostly negative feelings: dissatisfaction, pain and disappointment, to despair, sadness and deepest depression.

But what can you do in such a situation to cope with the life troubles?

Happy, who has friends and family who help him in the crisis.
But sometimes they are overstretched, for example, when the victims are haunted by recurring panic or irrational feelings of guilt. Sometimes there is a lack of a neutral look to the close-up.

Through our short-term therapy, you can more consciously deal with yourself or with others and is a professional accompaniment and valuable support to develop new visions and visions, to sort out the current crisis in its importance for your life and to find individual solutions for overcoming.

This means you can solve conflicts better, make decisions with more self-confidence or learn better, deal with grief or stress.
They learn to clarify conflict situations or past life situations and to sharpen self-awareness for the present life situation. Apparently hopeless situations in professional life or in the family can be redesigned.
They gain access to inner serenity, peace and new perspectives.

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