Hi Alexander

18 bottles of beer every day, working no more, calls only ignored and left the house no longer for two years. My daily routine consisted of video games, beer and sleeping. With my 36 years I was at the lowest point.

On the Internet, I was looking for help and I decided to go with you. The decisive factor was that my life partner was allowed to be involved and the NES procedure, which I was able to inform myself in advance about the Internet. That you had understanding for my situation and therefore were ready to come to us, we are still very grateful to you.

We spent a very nice week together, filled with activities, deep conversations and concentrated work. I felt understood and very well picked up from where I was at this time. After this week I was down on only six bottles of beer, after another week to zero. Without stress and pressure and my situation and my possibilities adapted. To this day, six months later, no drink of alcohol drunk again, do sports again, pursue my hobbies, stand again in life and everything without any saufdruck or desire for beer. We are still in friendly telephone contact, thank you for it.

D. und A.

Januar 2017 Bodensee

Mai 2015 Oldenburg

Hallo Alexander,

You asked me to write my opinion you want to put online. I would like to make your request.

As you know, I was very skeptical that four days should be enough and it was advised by my family. Ultimately, I was faced with the choice whether I would spend with other providers 10,000 euros for 3 weeks or 1,000 euros for four days. For me the lower risk since I neither knew what me with the others nor what I expected here, therefore the money was probably superficial the main reason. But also the fact that no group is made but in these days is concentrated only on one client. And since it should only be four days, I could combine this with a prolonged weekend without which I was asked what I intend.

Well, I can tell you that even though my mission and goal was the controlled drinking I was still abstinent today. When I got back home my husband and I were spontaneously on holiday. There we could discuss everything and agree on new joint activities and goals, as we have worked out in the meetings. In my job, I have been able to implement all of the strategies discussed. I am glad to have made the right decision

All the best


Mai 2015 Berlin

Hallo Alexander,

Here is my short feedback. I have been very well in my new life and my personal goals go very well. My family is also positively surprised that the therapy is so good. Thanks again for the very good work.

Greetings from Berlin


Juni 2015 München

Dear Mr. Nowarra,

After two months I would like to report to you and can only tell you that the therapy was a real success for me. Many attempts with other institutions had not brought me what I did this time. In the beginning, I thought, in four days, how should that go. But the intensive therapy with really good solutions just tuned to me, has brought me exactly what I had always wanted. My angle of vision has changed, I now know that not only was I to blame for my misery, but through many external influences. After many years I feel good again thanks to you. It also means a lot of work, which is clear to me, but it is worth it. I hope this will continue to help others. Of course, I wish you all the best and I hope that if I have to claim it again, I am gladly seen.


Marko F.

Oktober 2015 Frankfurt a.M.

Hallo Mr. Nowarra,

In August of this year I decided to do a therapy for a week in Greece. It was a very good decision for me. Far from my environment, I was able to concentrate on my problem and have developed new courage and optimism thanks to you. I am doing well and I try every day the things that burden me correctly and to shape my everyday life so that I can live again carefree. My family also noticed these changes.

Thanks again for your help and stay healthy


September 2015 Leipzig

Hello Alexander,

Couples therapy. It was a difficult task, at least we thought so. Our attempts at solving everything so far failed. Although we were only 40 km away, we insisted for five days of therapy to get out of the everyday life and get away from the worries, out of the conflict-laden environment, in a neutral environment. Through the intensive therapy we have managed to live together as a couple and are very very grateful for it. The telephone after-care service works perfectly, always available for us. This individual therapy with several sessions daily we can only recommend. In brief, solution-oriented, brought to the point. For us, this was optimal, because as an independent we lack the time to go into a therapy.

Lovely wishes

Ines und Stephen

Moin Alexander,

Because of my alcohol problem I came to Greece in early February spontaneously and shortly to you. These were very nice five days despite the season. Great weather, great food, great people, great hotel and a very nice beach. Although we have been working hard on my problem, I had plenty of time to enjoy all the trappings.

Finally, we have found in finding solutions that solve my alcohol problem somehow goes hand in hand with my relationship crisis. I am looking forward to the two days with you at home, where we will also try to solve. The MFT really helped me the way you said it, still use it almost daily.

See you soon in the north


March 2016 Hamburg

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