Individual sessions instead of group work

Alcohol problems, relationship stress or life crises are never the same at all. They differ in their origin, extent, impact, have different triggers, functions and influence factors.

As solidly as it feels in groups and as much as one feels in the face of very similar fates also understood, this contact can also be burdensome, if not even stigmatizing. In the main, it is individual talks, which enrich one with new impulses and perspectives.

If you want to solve your problem you have to develop individual strategies. This can not possibly arise in a group, in particular not when these – as, unfortunately, e.g. Is often found in addiction therapy – is guided by former sufferers and co-dependents.

We think that after a successful therapy a group work in the form of a self-help group makes sense. It is to serve the further motivation, strengthening and stabilization. Clearly, the prerequisites of each person concerned are different and people can not generally get over a comb. It is likely that there will be many affected people, for some reason, group work is not the right way.

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