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Our Intensive Therapy & Coaching in combination with holiday, wellness, beach and sea in Greece is very gladly accepted. But we have learned that for many but not for all our therapy in conjunction with vacation, for different reasons comes into question. That’s why we offer our Intensive Therapy & Coaching in Germany

In the example of the alcohol problem, we would like to illustrate our concept which can also be applied to paired therapy or life crises.

Usually in alcohol therapy, a single session and a group session take place every day, the remaining time and also the weekend is occupational therapy or self-responsible. After three or four weeks one returns motivated and strengthened into its habitual environment and tries to implement the learned alone. If one fails, the cycle has to start from the beginning, whereby self-esteem is drawn more and more into compassion. According to statistics, the relapse rate can be as high as 90%, there is a lack of sensible alternatives.

Our concept differs in several respects. Group therapy is certainly justified, but we have often heard that many feel it as unpleasant or do not even dare to expose themselves to strangers. Therefore, we completely forgo group work.

Instead of distributing four to six individual sessions over a week, we do this number of sessions each day, even at the weekend. This saves time and money and the individual solution strategy is developed in the shortest possible time. Therefore, in the first step, four to five days are often sufficient.

In classical alcohol therapy, only the alcohol problem is considered, detached and isolated from other psychological and social factors. However, an alcohol problem is never isolated, but is embedded and connected with further problems in the social environment such as life crises, relationship stress, social isolation, burnout, etc. These influence the alcohol problem in a prolonged manner and keep it alive. So if you want to solve the problem of alcohol, it can only work if you look at the whole picture and take into account all influencing factors, with all their connections and effects. This is the cornerstone for a successful and viable solution strategy. In particular, the life partner can contribute very much to the solution here.

What makes our concept so unique is this holistic approach and the intensive treat, which is geared closely to the needs and possibilities of those affected, their life partner and social environment. Only in this way can a true solution be implemented successfully. We do not live in a sterile world, free from worries and grief, something is always. Thus the escape into the alcohol is often a solution, which has been trained over many years in order to cope with certain stressful situations such as relationship crises, workloads, etc. Frustration, stress and strains no longer act by the alcohol so threatening and distressing, be drunk temporarily “bearable”. During an alcohol-handling phase, these patterns always lead to dangerous relapses as they risk to destroy the previously achieved ones. Alone, those affected and their life partners rarely find a way out of these processes without professional support. Through the intensive treat, meaningful and alternative coping strategies, together with the life partner, can be developed and introduced. The orientation towards the possibilities of the affected persons and the consideration of the multi-dimensionality with all their relationships and possible interactions belong in the therapeutic process. Together in this connection we can set up rules and checkpoints, a “therapeutic Guideline” tailored to the person concerned and co-Alkoholker and on the dynamics of the overall system.

Intensiv-Therapy-Method– is a very effective and successful technique, easy to learn and immediately implementable in the social environment. In our “5 to 7 days Intensive Therapy & Coaching” for alcohol coping, this concept is mediated, individually and coordinated with the respective situation, possibilities and abilities of those affected. This offer is only available to us nationwide! By adhering to the Intensiv-Therapy-Method-rules, our previous successes are almost 100%.

We do not replace psychotherapy, but by our talk therapy in conjunction with innovative techniques, we activate the healing process, the self-control ability and increase thus strengthening the chances of success. In addition to the individual sessions, several daily applications with the NES and the MFT method are available.

After countless failed self-attempts to escape the alcohol, many sufferers go into conventional alcohol therapy. In the hope that there the problem is solved, or at least to learn “how” one can solve it. The real fight of the person concerned actually starts after the therapy, back in his usual environment where one is once again exposed to the psychological and social influencing factors. The risk of a relapse is known to be very high and the reasons, situations and events that result in different. After the therapy the person concerned has to learn the “life without alcohol” again. We therefore consider it more promising to take the block instead of 21 or 28 days, to divide them meaningfully for several months or longer, in order to be able to accompany the person concerned over this long period of time.

It may be agreed, every six to ten weeks to re-embark for two days in an intensive therapy and coaching, this can also take place at the affected home or nearby. Contents of these two days are A modification and recapitulation of the originally developed solution strategy. It is thereby taken into account, which has worked out, investigated why it has worked, which positive change took place with the affected person and in its environment, which is why these took place and which did not work is exchanged. The person concerned gets the feeling that he does not have to lead this fight alone. The motivation, self-esteem and personal perception are thereby strengthened and trained.

This concept is also used successfully in couples therapy or life crises.

The main factors contribute to the success of intensive therapy and coaching are:

  • Each person must be considered in his or her own individual situation and problem, and on this basis an individual and feasible solution strategy must be developed
  • Intensive therapy & coaching by daily several single sessions, also at the weekend
  • No group therapy, no occupational therapy
  • Taking care of the first intensive care & coaching outside of the usual and conflicting environment
  • Always only one client with his accompanying person for the duration of the therapy present
  • The use of the NES method and the MFT method also in alcohol problems, burnout, life crises, depression, etc..
  • If necessary, the therapy duration can be extended spontaneously by one, two or three days
  • After-care by telephone as long as it is needed, until stabilization
  • The distribution of days of therapy and therapeutic support over a longer period, which consolidates the success


We also offer our customers the opportunity to continue the treatments with the NES device as well as with the MFT device at home.

Mobile – if necessary, I will gladly come to you!

I am happy to come to you by arrangement nationwide. We have the experience that it is not always possible to be free for 4 to 7 days for different reasons such as family, health, profession or other obligations, etc. Therefore, we offer you the possibility to hold intensive therapy & coaching at your home or nearby.

We would be pleased to discuss this in a personal meeting, please call us without obligation.

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