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Take a deep breath and read what I want to tell you.
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Let me be honest, there is no perfect relationship. Love is not always on roses, but to have a happy relationship is not a coincidence and you also deserve a harmonious and stable relationship.

Do you remember the feeling when you were in love for the first time? (And your partner too!). Because it was impossible to look at each other without having to laugh? Just being together was enough for a perfect evening.

You were once happy with each other. If that was so, it can be so again!

Often, people are looking for the perfect relationship, but are not willing to muster the effort they need. Every relationship must be worked to maintain it. Do you know what I mean? So be prepared to see your relationship with other eyes and think in a different way. Love is more than just a word. Love is more than just a feeling. Love is the meaning of life and an opportunity. Your opportunity.

> You’ve chosen a couple therapy perform? Congratulations! This is the first step in the right direction

> Keep in mind! A couple therapy is only successful if you both want to work on the relationship – that costs strength, perseverance and a lot of willpower!

A couple therapy means work and the key to your success is you and yourself. But if both you and your partner have enough will, strength and perseverance, and are determined to save your relationship together, a couple therapy will be a good way out of the crisis.

Couples therapy: When is it helpful?

Do you no longer express your wishes openly or are they simply not fulfilled by your partner? Do you criticize frequently in your relationship and do not allow the opinion of the other right? Or maybe your goals and plans for the future may go a long way apart and you simply can not come to a common denominator? Many problems are not going to be solved overnight and need a lot of attention. But if you see exactly these problems in your relationship, paired therapy is a good solution to save both your relationship and your love for each other. But even if your relationship has become one-sided and it has already come so far that only one of you makes the decisions – whether it is about sex, friends, vacation or the good money – helps you a couple therapy, too to tackle these problems and rebuild lost trust – for example, if you or your partner has already started an affair because of the frustration in the relationship.

The couples therapy is a common step.

It is important that you go a step into couples therapy together. It does not matter if one of you wants to save the relationship to bending and breaking, but the partner does not really feel like giving in front of a stranger what he or she does wrong in the relationship. In this case, a couple therapy does not really make sense. Instead, you should try to go into my therapy alone, so avoiding guilty from the start, as you can openly and honestly say what you actually feel without hurting the other. Step by step you can watch so – like the idea of couples therapy – each on its own. However, if you both agree that you want to save your relationship together and do not have a problem to open your worries and problems openly, then a couple therapy is a good way and will contribute to a positive result.

I can not force you to take action. It is up to you whether you accept the techniques and skills that I teach you and embed it into your relationship.

The best thing that can happen to you is to lead a happy, harmonious and lifelong relationship.

If you want to solve the problems in your relationship or you want to confirm your love, then I want you to remember the days with me. The TODAY plays a big and important role for the rest of your relationship. The best time is always – now! Try to leave your old habits and peculiarities behind you, and trust in something you have not tried. Because so far nothing has worked that has solved your problems and difficulties.

It’s time you put on a new pair of glasses. Time to save your relationship and it’s time to look at your relationship from a different field of view. With the help of the guide that we construct together, the next step to your happy relationship is quite simple!

Our short-term therapy thus strives for solutions in the sense of a further development of the partners and their relationship with the couple. The focus, we rely on the capabilities of the parties, on what works well, and the existing development forces, not deficits or debt in a moral sense.

Through our therapeutically supported pairing process, each of the partners has the opportunity to position themselves new and also together, to feel one’s being there in the relationship and decide realistically what each by itself is ready to actively give in exchange for a happy relationship is possible.


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